The reason why most tourists gather around and travel thousands of miles to the Isle of Man is to see with their own eyes this incredible event that happens every year and marks the best of the best in the motorcycle sports racing. It is the Senior Tourist Trophy.

IOM TT Breaks knows the importance of Isle of Man TT, as well as how the climax of the event is always referred to the Senior Tourist Trophy (Also known as Blue Riband 500cc) that’s why we do what we do, we are passionate about the Senior Tourist Trophy.

Isle of Man TT is known for being an event filled with excitement and expectations since we are talking about the most important racing event for motorcycles in the world.

We can see a lot of enthusiasm surrounding the fans since they know the magnitude of this road racing event, and as well how dangerous it can be for many competitors that risk their lives in order to win the race.

However, being the tradition that is Isle of Man TT to this island, one of the main reasons why the tourism on the Isle of Man is so well received, is to the many fanatics that gather each year in mid-May and are around until June.

Isle of Man TT has been a tradition for the Isle of Man and can be shown in the story and overall culture of the island. It has been held since the early 19th century, making it one of the most important traditions of the Isle of Man, and one of the main sources of tourism on the island.

The entire event builds to what is call the Senior Tourist Trophy, since we have to remember that Isle of Man TT also has an amateur cup and event that is held before the senior cup, making the event longer and more interesting for the fans.

When it is time for the senior tourist trophy, we can observe the best of the best in the world of motorcycle racing face up for the big prize and be the champion of the year.

The rules for participating in the Blue Riband 500CC senior races are simple. First, you have to be capable to legally entering the tournament; with this, you’ll need a valid national entrant.

If you don’t possess this, you can choose to use an FIM Sponsor license for road racing. This is the pass that most participants use in order to be part of the senior cup.

Without a doubt, the Blue Riband 500CC is one of the most anticipated parts of the entire event so it has the best feedback among fans. They know that they are about to witness the best motorcycle racers going off into a professional competition that will define who will take the senior cup home and who’s going to go home with empty hands.

It is definitely an event to look forward to.