Top 5 of Racers Who Won the Isle of Man TT

The International Isle of Man Tourist Trophy is an annual race considered one of the most dangerous of its kind. Important racers have been crowned champion of this race followed by many people around the world. The following list will show us the most brilliant among them.

Hislop, Steve

Born in the Scottish Borders, usually called ‘The Flying Haggis’, won The International Isle of Man Tourist Trophy around 11 times, but his life ended tragically at 41 years old in an accident in his small helicopter.

Dunlop, Joey

This surprisingly quiet working-class hero, born in Armoy, Northern Ireland, has the record on The International Isle of Man Tourist Trophy on his shoulder with the amazing number of 26 victories.

Regrettably, he died during a race in Estonia in 2000 at the age of 48 years old, he has many fans around the world for his humble way of living.

Hailwood, Mike

Under name of Stanley Michael Bailey Hailwood, born in the United Kingdom. Better known as “Mike the Bike”, he won the race 14 times but he retired for a few years. When he came back, he won 2 races again, having one of the most remembered participation of all time. Unfortunately, he died at 40 years old in a road traffic accident.

Dusae, Geoff

Native from Lancashire, England. He won the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy and World Championship at least 6 times. No one has doubts about his great performance in this dangerous sport, he remains one of the most important racers of all time.

Agostini, Giacomo.

From Brescia-Italia, Giacomo is a multi-time world champion record holder of many MotoGP Races. He had a brilliant record 10 wins on the Tourist Trophy over the years. He was well-known for his amazing performance and followed by thousands of fans around the world.

These men were the most important racers in The International Isle of Man Tourist Trophy, they left an amazing legacy on this event that is worth to remember.

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